Jill Woodard

Associate Program Director

Ms. Woodard serves as the Associate Program Director for the Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory. She coordinates and leads various programs within the Center that address the five top injury challenges in Georgia. She provides oversight of Center programs, including IPRCE Task Forces, and assists Dr. Rupp with the operations of the Center.  She oversees the IPRCE strategic management process, monitors IPRCE progress, and leads the Center Evaluation Team.  Jill has over 15 years of experience developing and directing research programs, conducting program and project management, building training for individuals and teams, developing strategic management systems, and leading teams.  She is a member of the Southeastern and Southwestern Injury Prevention Network, a liaison to the Georgia Trauma Commission, and a member of the CHOA Children’s Injury Prevention Program Executive Leadership Team.

Prior to joining IPRCE, Ms. Woodard developed strategic plans and managed central budgets for the Global Health Security Initiative for CDC NCIRD, coordinated programs and projects, and built partnerships both internal and external to the agency to accomplish the core mission.  Ms. Woodard also served as the Spend Plan Management Team Lead within the CDC Emergency Operations Center for 2 responses: COVID and Ebola, for a combined 2 years.   Additionally, Ms. Woodard has > 10 years developing, implementing and managing multi-site and multi-phased clinical and public health research studies.