Welcome Message

In Georgia, over 40,000 people (one person every 15 minutes) are injured severely enough to be hospitalized annually. The effect of injury on our local community is alarming – costing billions of dollars and most importantly people’s lives and wellbeing.

At IPRCE, we work to eliminate barriers and promote motivators of – transportation safety, drug safety, violence prevention, falls prevention, and traumatic brain injuries.

For over 25 years, our center has steadily paved a way for reducing injuries in Georgia. Using a strategic plan - we will continue moving forward for many years to come. 

New Frontier

IPRCE has a longstanding history of injury prevention in Georgia. Since 1993, our center has contributed to ground-breaking legislation, new research developments, and an ever-growing field of injury prevention professionals.

We continuously aim to meet our mission to reduce the leading causes of injury that impact the lives of so many Georgians.

IPRCE was awarded $4.2 million by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Along with our stakeholders, we created strategies to leverage this funding source as an opportunity to grow our center’s reach in the community, expand our research projects, and increase our education and training efforts.

Stakeholders as a Driving Force

At the foundation of our center are community stakeholders that represent various disciplines and backgrounds.

These stakeholders serve as research investigators, hold leadership positions, and provide insight for the center by supporting the translation of research to practice.

Standing on the Scientific Front Line

IPRCE faculty, staff, and members all have one common belief and that is ensuring research is put into action in a meaningful way.

Our research initiatives at all stages – from planning to execution – involves the voice of our community partners and members.     

Building the Field of Injury Prevention Professionals

As the center continues to grow – we invest in the education and training of students, practitioners, and all forms of professionals eager to learn.

We provide a full range of opportunities, such as an injury and violence prevention certificate program, online educational webinar series, practicums, and fellowships.

Though some may argue the causes or barriers or scale of injuries – one notion is clear – injuries are preventable. At IPRCE, we intend to move the needle in injury prevention with the support of those who are passionate about bringing change.

We look forward to engaging with you!

Jonathan Rupp, PhD
IPRCE Director
Director for Research and Associate Professor
Emory University Department of Emergency Medicine