Mission and Vision


IPRCE-supported research, education, outreach, along with the practitioner communities that we build and support will generate transformative changes that reduce the burden of injury in Georgia and the Southeast United States.  

Mission Statement

IPRCE brings together multidisciplinary stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to advance injury, violence, and overdose prevention in Georgia and the Southeast region. We support and conduct research that translates to effective injury prevention strategies and improvements in health outcomes.

We provide educational opportunities for researchers, practitioners, and students to improve their access to the latest evidence-based practices and cutting-edge research.

We perform outreach that amplifies the injury communications of our members and partners and ensures that the results of our research are accessible to those that benefit from it.

IPRCE Strategic Plan (2020-2025)

We've completed a year-long strategic planning process and compiled this report of the process and the outcomes, including themes, goals, and short, mid, and long-term initiatives.

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We value innovation in our core activities.

We value collaboration with partners and key stakeholders.

We value evidence-based policy, communications, and applied injury prevention activities.

We emphasize injury prevention research, education, and outreach that focuses on vulnerable populations and addresses the underlying causes of health disparities.

Core Principles

We ensure that our membership is diverse in both its thought and work, our activities and research are inclusive of communities affected by injury problems that we work to prevent, and that we provide equitable opportunity to engage and be supported by IPRCE for those committed to injury prevention.

We support applied research and public health interventions that address the top causes of injury and injury death and work with our task forces and injury prevention networks to connect practitioners to our efforts.

We provide mentorship and support to trainees, researchers, and practitioners engaged in applications of injury, violence, and overdose prevention.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

IPRCE cultivates an environment that fosters inclusivity, equity, and a sense of belonging. Our center is committed to building a culture that supports and encourages diverse voices, ideas, and contributions ​with a lens towards health equity and intention to address healthcare disparities.