The Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory

In Georgia, over 40,000 people (one every 15 minutes) are injured severely enough to be hospitalized annually. The effect of injury on our local community is alarming, costing lives, wellbeing, and billions of dollars. The Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory (formerly known as the Emory Center for Injury Control) is a collaborative, multi-institution that resides at the intersection of Marcus Trauma Center, Grady Health System and Emory Emergency Medicine.

As a part of a national injury prevention research effort, IPRCE seeks to mitigate the staggering impact of injury in our community. Using a data-driven approach, the Center will address the most significant injury concerns in Georgia and Atlanta. As a result, IPRCE has developed five task forces for each target areas to which it will mobilize resources: 1.) Transportation Safety, 2.) Drug Safety, 3.) Violence, 4.) Falls, and 5.) TBI and Concussion. Through task force collaboration with the Marcus trauma center, Grady Health System, Georgia Department of Health, Emory University, regional academic institutions, statewide organizations, industry partners, philanthropists, and community stakeholders, the Center aims to make our community a better, safer place to live.