Transportation Safety 


Although motor vehicle deaths in Georgia have declined over the past several years due to seat belt use and lowered speed limits, it continues to be the number one cause of injury-related death in Georgia.  However, in 2015 Georgia, along with other states, is now seeing an increase in motor vehicle crash deaths  for the first time in several years.  Although accurate data is lacking, the Georgia Department of Highway Safety believes it is related to distracted driving.

Pedestrian deaths jumped from 130 in 2011 to 204 in 2015.  This is largest number of pedestrian deaths since statistics were recorded in 1994, and more than half of Georgia’s pedestrian deaths occurred in Atlanta, the 8th deadliest city for pedestrians, according to a national research company. 


Task force goals are data driven and aim to dramatically reduce transportation injury in Georgia.  The initial objective is to identify data sources and analyses that provide accurate information on transportation injury and death in Georgia, assess the strengths and limitations of the data, and develop an action plan.  The priorities and action plan depend upon what data exist and its strengths, limitations, and accessibility.


Robert Dallas, JD – previous state transportation experience and longtime advocate of transportation safety

Jonathan Rupp, PhD – IPRCE Executive Associate Director and well-known biomedical engineer and faculty member that leads research on reducing death and injury resulting from motor vehicle crash

Leadership and Program Support

Sharon Nieb, PhD – IPRCE Associate Program Director 

Member Organizations

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Ruth Shults, PhD – Senior Epidemiologist

Emory School of Medicine

  • Jonathan Rupp, PhD – see above
  • David Wright, MD – see above

Georgia Department of Public Health – Injury Prevention

  • Lisa Dawson, MPH – Director
  • Elizabeth Head, MPH – Program Coordinator
  • Chinyere Nwamuo, MPH – CORE Grant Manager, Injury Prevention Program
  • Traci Reece – Program Manager
  • Denise Yeager, MPH – Data Evaluation

Robert Franklin Dallas, LLC / LexisNexis

  • Robert Dallas, JD – Attorney

Safe Kids Georgia

  • Mahwish Javed, MS, MPH – Program Coordinator

Safe States Alliance

  • Jamila Porter, MPH – Director of Programs and Evaluation

Shepherd Rehabilitation Center

  • Emma Harrington, ME – Director of Injury Prevention
  • Ford Vox, MD – Medical Director

University of Georgia

  • Hamida Jinnah, PhD – Assistant Professor 

Meeting Structure

Monthly – 90 minutes