IPRCE conducts research on the prevention of injury with a focus on the injuries that have the greatest effect on the metro Atlanta area and the State of Georgia.  Current research areas reflect the top five causes of death and injury in Georgia and include motor-vehicle crashes, violence, falls, traumatic brain injury, and drug safety.  Examples of IPRCE research projects include studying environmental and behavioral causes of pedestrian motor-vehicle crashes, identifying the causes of pediatric falls and prevention strategies, linking violent death and injury data to identify predictors of death, and studying how medication storage location and container characteristics affect child poisoning in Georgia.

An important characteristic of all of these projects, and IPRCE research in general, is that they all have practical implications on injury prevention strategies.  Importantly, to maximize translation of research results to practice, all IPRCE research is vetted, discussed, and evaluated in our task forces, which consist of key stakeholder groups involved in community, state, and national implementation of injury prevention activities.