The Education and Training core of the Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory (IPRCE) has embraced the philosophy of translating science into practice. We do this by focusing on the five tenets of the task forces that cause injury: violence, falls, prescription drug overdose, traumatic brain injury, and transportation as it relates to safety.  This deliberate attention to expanding knowledge and identifying gaps engages an interdisciplinary approach across multiple academic and community partners. By collecting and sharing this data and best practices on these topics and by sharing our research through education and outreach, we aim to advance the next generation of injury prevention practitioners in our community.

This is done through “brown bag” educational dialogues, the creation of a certificate program and a deliberate attention to knowledge sharing. The opportunity to intersect across the key topic areas and leverage our expertise through advocacy with the potential to influence policy related to injury in Georgia is noteworthy.

Our collective efforts across disciplines and institutions can advance the goal of educating and training our community on topics related to injury. The education and training core of IPRCE will advance the dialogue to reduce the burden of injury in Georgia and ensure Georgia becomes a safer place to live. 

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