Core Research Project

Organizational Readiness the Georgia Trauma System to Implement the Cardiff Model

In the United States (US), 49% of serious violent crimes are not reported to the police, and this under-reporting undermines prevention efforts. The Cardiff Model for Violence Prevention is an established effective intervention developed in the United Kingdom (UK) that combines hospital and police data on violence to equip communities with the information that they need to implement site-based prevention efforts. 

The extent to which this promising intervention can be broadly implemented in the US is unknown. This research project aims to assess the organizational readiness of trauma centers in Georgia, along with their law enforcement and community partners, to implement the Cardiff Model.  This project was designed and is being conducted with the support and involvement of the Georgia Trauma Commission thus creating a pathway for the dissemination of the results of the assessment. 


PI: Daniel WuMD; Collaborators: Grady Memorial Hospital, Georgia Department of Public Health, Georgia Trauma Commission, Georgia Trauma Centers, Local Law Enforcement Agencies, UPenn, The Medical College of Wisconsin, and Cardiff University 

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Cardiff Violence Prevention Model