Where We Are

 IPRCE: Newly Funded ICRC

Under the leadership of Director Dr. Jonathan Rupp, Emory University has been awarded $4.2 million over the next five years to fund its Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory (IPRCE), a center designed to reduce the top causes of injury and injury death in Georgia and the Southeast through research, education and outreach (see attached press release). IPRCE is one of nine centers in the U.S. being funded by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), under the Injury Control Research Center program.

From Local to Regional Research Center

Inconjunction with funding from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, IPRCE is working to increase the spread of their efforts from the local Atlanta, GA area to a more regional research center. The impact of this expansion will further decrease injury through research and outreach. IPRCE's emphasis on collaboration will help connect us with other state and regional injury prevention organizations across the southeast United States to best utilize resources and increase the promotion of injury prevention. 

A New Vision and Strategic Plan

Renamed as the Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory (IPRCE), the Center leadership created a new vision: The IPRCE will be the leader in injury prevention and research, and dramatically reduce injuries in the communities we serve.  IPRCE is now initiating a renewed perspective on injury prevention in the region, and has developed task forces in the five areas of injury that inflict highest amount of mortality and morbidity in the state of Georgia: Falls, Drug Overdose, Traumatic Brain Injury, Transportation injury, and Violence. The task force leaders consist of experts in various disciplines within these areas of injury and are currently working with task force members to gather data on what specific issues are presently salient to the Georgia population. Under the leadership of Interim Director Dr. David Wright, Executive Associate Director Dr. Jonathan Rupp, Associate Program Director Dr. Sharon Nieb, and Associate Directors Drs. Monica Swahn, Sheryl Heron, and Lisa Dawson, IPRCE colleagues are now looking forward to addressing the injury burden within Georgia.